Phpmyadmin export database

I have been using Dreamhost for several years with several websites. the phpBB forums I have ,generated saved export files of 25MB, 30MB and 65MB respectively in gzipped 65MB for the most popular one

I have gone along quite happily doing an export save of each website, each month, with no problem ,including last month
SO at the end of last month I got an email for each website stating “has been upgraded to
PHP v7.4!” I dont know whether that is relevant, but since then I have seen TIMEOUTS on the 2 websites that generate 30MB and 65MB files when exporting the database.

now with those 2 after 50 seconds I see "# 504 Gateway Time-out

“The server didn’t respond in time.”

the one that generates 25MB export still successfullys exports the file, the other 2 dont

previously these saved out quite happily ! something is different now, the timeout is 50 seconds and last month that was good enough, now it isnt?

A couple of possible options that might help:

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