phpMyAdmin Error + mySQL database question

Hi there–I’m a new Dreamhost user, and I just signed up and created my mySQL database a few days ago. It does say that “new hostnames will need time to propagate”–so my question is, how much time, exactly, do they need?

I tried to access my database through FTP (WinSCP) today, and I was unable to connect. I did add my IP address to the list of places that are allowed to connect to the database, so hat shouldn’t be the problem–or should it? Is there something else I should input? I’m far from a whiz at this sort of thing, so any advice is appreciated.

In addition to this, when I click “phpMyAdmin” next to my hostname, it gives me an error–“Error 400-Bad Request.” Again, I’m no whiz, so I don’t know what this means, but it would make sense that these two difficulties would be connected. Again, any help is appreciated, since I’m on a deadline here. :frowning:

Give it at least a couple of days. 5 is the worst case.

Hmmm…why would you connect to your database with FTP? It shouldn’t respond to an FTP request. If you’re trying to set up a website, you’ll need to go to Manage Domains and create a New Fully Hosted Domain or Sub-Domain.


Well, I set up the database on August 1st–though it may have been the 2nd; I’m not entirely sure.

I’m connecting with FTP because I have some things that I need to upload. My domain is already set up.

In addition… I get errors when I click on “FTP” and “WebFTP” under my domain… is this a problem with me in particular, or is Dreamhost going wacky?