phpMyAdmin Down

I can’t get phpMyAdmin to work properly, the link sends me to an unable to reach server type message. I opened a ticked 10 hours ago?

Question is two fold. Anyone else having that same problem and does support work during non buisness hours? I ask because this is the second ticket I have opened and the second ticket to sit for several hours.

I am able to use phpmyadmin with a database. However it may be that the hostname has not been created for you yet if is is a new hostname. Usually though they create pretty quickly.
Try and create another database/hostname to see if that works okay.

Support do work (are available) over the weekend although they may be at reduced strength.


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Works for me, too. If you’re not working with a new hostname that isn’t up yet, like Norm suggested, is it one that’s been up and working before but has now stopped? Does your website work, or is that down as well?

Do you have any other ones that you can login to that were working before?

As far as support goes, they advertise that they try to reply within 24 hours, but it’s usually much faster. Until it’s past 24 hours, it’s still within the advertised window though.

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