phpMyAdmin down

I am able to login but most pages give me “The page cannot be displayed” errors. I sent DreamHost support an e-mail two hours ago, still haven’t heard back.

I think it is a memory issue for phpMyAdmin. I was doing some intensive SELECT queries and it started to hang. For a while my small tables still worked and the larger ones allowed me to view and update their structure. Things got worse and now almost nothing is working.

From my website, everything appears normal. I just can’t do any development (and I’m on a deadline).

I’m sure nothing a reboot couldn’t solve. Any thoughts/suggestions?

What is the average wait time from DreamHost for emergency site down problems? When they do get to responding, they seem good, but the wait time is forever without any indication how much more you will be waiting.

– Scott

As you say, the problem may be on the server, but I have had problems on several servers with phpMyAdmin locking up when I try to do anything intensive, like loading big tables. This can be frustrating.

If you do that kind of thing regularly, it might be good to learn to use the mysql command line tool on a shell account. It rarely chokes. :cool:

One of the things I like about Dreamhost is that they are one of the few shared hosting providers to give you the option of using shell accounts and the command line mysql client.