PHPMyAdmin Down today

So I go to by bookmarked access ( ) to look at structure of my MySQL dbs, and I get first the usual:
“Welcome to phpMyAdmin 2.6.4-pl3”

The list of my dbs shows fine, and I may select the db I want to see and it shows its list of tables in frame at left. But when I click on a specific table, there is no action (although status bar showed the address of link it was supposed to get me to). In the main frame there is also a link to “Databases”. But that does nothing either.

Three browsers give me the same effect, although Foxfire asks me what I want to do with the select PHP file: Download it? Open it with some software?

Has PHPMyAdmin gone south? The version number seems not to have changed? My PHP/MySQL calls on my web pages are working fine…

Perhaps I need to file a support request.

Anyone else: having any weirdness today?

Well, later that evening the problem was still there.
(I forgotten to mention that I’m on server “Broadway”.)

But this morning, PHPMyAdmin is working as it should.

I did file support request. Never heard from them. Don’t know if they actively, intentionally did something… or what? :puzzled:

PS: I remember now that before this utter crippling of PHPMyAdmin, I had been having (for at least a week) a problem that clicking on some links in main PHPMyAdmin frame would cause the BROWSE display to appear in the NAV. frame … and thus be unreadable, because only about 120px wide. Haven’t had that this morning. :crossing fingers: