phpMyAdmin doesn't show new created DB from panel


I’m not a pro with this stuff, but I created some DB in the past without problem… now I’m clueless about what is going on.

I created the database through panel.dreamhost -> goodies -> mysql…
But when I go to phpMyAdmin, there is no new db there…

I can’t even create a db there because the user doesn’t have privileges and I can’t find where to config those privileges…

Any clue?


Are you the account owner? I don’t think that a non-owner has “create” privileges under the Account Privileges option. Typically, the owner creates domains, databases, and such, then assigns someone else admin privs for an existing entity.


We’re currently having some issues with actions scheduled from the panel being delayed due to a large backlog of Wordpress (3.0.2) upgrades. Hang on for a bit and it should go through.