Phpmyadmin doesn't exist?

I created a MySQL database on the dreamhost servers back on Feb 2, 2007 and am just getting around to using it, but when Im in the dreamhost web panel and click on the phpmyadmin link in the mysql database area, it takes me to (where mydomain is my actual domain) and tells me it doesnt exist. Im assuming its trying to tell me that phpmyadmin was never installed when I created the database.

Do I need to install it manually or is there another area I must go to install it in the DH Web control panel?


Well… Duh! Brain fart on my end. I forgot that since I only changed the DNS of the domain today, it’s not going to find the since it would be looking on my own server which isn’t setup the same way that dreamhost sets up their servers.

Guess I just have to wait till the DNS propegates before I can actually access the phpmyadmin on the dreamhost servers.