phpMyAdmin and MySQL stored procedures

I would like to use stored procedures for MySQL in phpMyAdmin.

This requires that phpMyAdmin be configured to use the improved MySQL extension “mysqli” rather than the so-called classic MySQL extension, “mysql.”

It appears that I can’t make this change to “” (which I am generally pretty glad about–I do appreciate the excellent separation and re-packagin of applications that DreamHost provides), thus requiring me to contact you.

Here is documentation for the improved MySQL extension: :: MySQL Improved Extension

Here is documentation for the necessary configuration change for phpMyAdmin to use the improved MySQL extension: :: Configuration

I hope my particular request can be addressed–and maybe, in the future, be incorporated into the “Manage MySQL” section of the control panel.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Andrew Collins

This is a customer to customer discussion forum. To get in touch with support use the form in the Panel > support > contact support.

That said other people here may have suggestions for you (I’m really not that familiar with mysql, sorry), but I thought you might want to know.

–Matttail - personal website

I just created a support ticket.

I’ll post anything about any work done on the issue here.


Andrew Collins

Have you tried the wiki on Custom PHP.ini ?

Hope it may helps.


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Thanks for the reference.

However, I am hoping only to have phpMyAdmin use mysqli, the MySQL improved extension, when interacting with MySQL.

I don’t currently need to run PHP as a CGI with a custom configuration.

Thanks again, though. :slight_smile:

Andrew Collins