phpMyAdmin acting up, cant delete multiple rows

Lately I have not been able to delete multiple rows from tables when using the mysql user interface. I can delete individual rows by clicking the red X next to each row, but if I select multiple rows and click the X at the bottom of the table the page just refreshes and shows me the table rows again, not affecting anything. Is there any kind of fix for this or is this a known bug?

How big of a database is this?

It isnt gigantic, its a set of 5 databases with a handful of tables each. There are a couple tables with over 10,000 rows each. But nothing massive.

Sorry for the delayed response! Have you been able to figure this out yet?

If not, you can submit a support ticket ( so our team can try to replicate the issue you’re having. Please provide details such as your specific database, and example rows we can delete for you (and let us know how you were doing it). Hopefully we can clear things up together :slight_smile: