PhpMyAdmin Access

Quick question:

My Dreamhost domain is but it is currently registered with all the nameservers pointing to my old host (iPowerweb). I am following this guide:

I set up a temporary domain so I can set up the site on dreamhost before I make the transfer (, and am currently in the process of installing and transferring my databases.

There’s where the problem lies…
How do I access phpMyAdmin? I created a table in my web panel, thinking it would activate it. I added two Hostnames: and . Now comes navigating to them…
according to the wiki article,, I now just need to navigate to (or is it ?) right? But following that url… I don’t get anything. It’s been a few hours already. Do I just need to wait longer? Am I trying to get to the wrong spot? Did I not activate the right things?

(and I’m having this same problem with the webmail client. I believe I’ve activated it, but going to yields nothing)

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Looks like is up now. I just went to it and it prompted me for the user name & password.

You might want to clear your cache or try another browser if you’re still having trouble reaching it.

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Yep it’s working. Apparently it comes up JUST late enough to taunt me by forcing me to bother everyone on the forums lol.
Thanks for the help! (and sorry lol)