phpMyAdmin _ password?

Hello, I’m really new to all this. I need to access my phpMyAdmin and know how to get to it but when I click to access it I am asked for a user name and password which I don’t seem to have or know how to get. In the wiki it says “The user and password you enter should be a MySQL user / password that has access to the database you want to manage.” All well and good. My question is how do I get this MySQL user / password?

Any assistance appreciated. Thank you

Go to the MySQL databases page in the panel ->

Find the database you wish to access, you can get the user name out of the ‘Users with access’ column. Click the user name to edit that user and the password will be revealed on the edit page.

[size=large]Warning:[/size] be careful changing the password, you will probably break your website. Typically an app such as wordpress also has that password in its config file. If you change the database password you must be careful to find such places and change it there as well.

Thank you, I am now able to access phpMyAdmin. This is a great step forward.
I am not actually trying to change my password. What I am trying to do is to change the URL which I have worked out how to do by following the instructions in the WP codex under “Changing The Site URL”
This however seems to have introduced a new/different issue. Having changed the URL I am no longer able to log in to my WP panel.
I have returned the URL to its original name and all is back to square one, thart is I can log in to my WP panel, etc., etc., but my goal is to change the URL and then be able to sucessfully log in to my WP panel and continue on.

An observation/speculation. While in phpMyAdmin, after making a change to an option I see at the top of the screen, a field inside a green outline that says 1 row(s) affected that has the option of taking an action called [ Create PHP Code]. Is this something I am supposed to do? That is, might this be an action that would propogate the URL change throughout wherever it needs to be changed so that when I try to logiin to my WP panel I will be able to do so? I’m clutching at straws in the wind here now.

As before, any assistance gratefully appreciated. thank you,