Phpmotion on shared hosting?

Ok was thinking of setting this up for sharing home vids with friends and family. Not something I want to put on youtube, etc.

I found some old threads about it, some issues seems like? - and then even found mention of it as suggestion for oneclick install - so I would assume its possible to run. But the suggestion was old, and could no longer even vote for it?

Anyway - does anyone currently have this running on shared hosting, does dreamhost have any issues with it running?

Any tips on install? Or does their setup script work? Anything special settings suggestions to make it more shared hosting friendly?

I would assume can using the php 5 version

PHPMotion will not run acceptably on shared hosting. It will require a DreamHost VPS at a minimum.

If all you’re after is a few home videos, you can upload videos to your own web hosting space and convert them to Flash videos using the Flash Media Converter tool available in the DreamHost Panel. Setting up PHPMotion for this would really be overkill.

YouTube also has options to upload private and unlisted videos. See the YouTube FAQ for more details.

Thanks – well I can see it growing to more than a few :wink: My first grandchild, so going a bit nuts with videos :wink: And would also like other family members to be able to upload their vids as well.

I have hosted a couple of vids I converted to flv - that works ok, but was kind of looking something I could host where friends and family could upload vids – what about clipbucket?

Not sure If I want to go vps route yet, but sure thats an option. Am toying with the youtube thing - see that you can mark videos as private, etc. But seems limited to 50 accounts that can access the private… And not sure want upload to youtube, would much rather have control of where the files are, etc.

Thanks for your help – if clipbucket is also a no go, any other suggestions - I did a quick look for the gallery2 and 3 support for video and could not really find great details on it… guess could just try it out, thats a oneclick install and all.