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I’m using the MODx cms system. The contact page used to send out its emails but now nothing at all is getting through. The MODx eform snippet that is sending the emails is using PHPMailer.

In trying to figure out what the problem could be, i test the lastest PHPMailer on a different subdomain using one of its test functions. I tried mail() & sendmail(), the script returned saying both methods were sending, but still, no email was recieved to the email accounts i was trying to send to. (Not in junk mail either).

I recently changed my MX records for that domain to get it working with google apps, would this have any effect on the sending of mail from scripts on that domain?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


I have been issues with the PHP mailer as well. I first noticed it around 10:00 EST, 9 Feb 2008.

I was just using a simple mail script, that is used to send confirmation messages from a form. This has worked beautifully in the past, but tonight it doesn’t seem to like it.


I was thinking of switching to PHPMailer because mail() stopped working today as well.



Yeah … confirming the same experience … I first noticed it in the middle of the night last night, but have not tested thoroughly. PHP mail() isn’t sending, but smtp is still working.



Interesting, might have to give SMTP i shot… Just letting you guys know that im starting to recieve a few of the emails, just recieved 1 that is 7 hours late…


Well, that is encouraging! A little while ago I tried to send an email from the command line in the shell using sendmail, and got:

delivery via none: delivery temporarily suspended: connect to read timeout

…and since php mail() uses sendmail … meh. Hopefully is is just some temporary borkage that will get corrected soon. :wink:



I have EXACTLY the same problem. I had to quit all my paypal buttons from my web-pages because my clients were no receiving the mails…

Furthermore yesterday and past yesterday there were like 4 or 5 hours that my webpages were not loading.

My clients are getting quite upset, so do I :frowning:


Yes, there were a lot of problems yesterday. Have you read



Has anyone solved this issues or is there a workaround?

My wordpress installation has stopped sending emails out from the contact form or comments forms.

I have contacted Support, as it has to Dreamhost end that is the problem - it was working fine till now and nothing has been changed on the site.

regards, Tarkan


UHG… more dh drama.

i was using mail() under php4. i copied my whole site to a php5 test site but it didn’t work either. i wish i checked here first.

i submitted to dh tech support so now we just wait? everybody suffering send in a support request if you haven’t already done so.



will submit support request now, I can’t wait to get my VPS stuff up and running and move all my sites there.


Use SMTP - the de facto standard for sending mail.


Yep! That’s what I did with many of my applications. A great many FOSS applications are written with configuration settings that let you choose whether to use the PHP mail() function or SMPT. :wink:

That said, I have just now started to receive some of those PHP mail() generated messages messages that my applications sent on Saturday night … DH wasn’t kidding when they warned in the panel that the machine that handles those was “backed up” :wink: