PHPMailer 2.0.2

As of a couple days ago my phpmailer 2.0.2 totally stopped working. It will still deliver the email to the address in the php file, but the email is coming through with only the hardcoded fields and doesn’t include any of the info from the form in the .html form submitted.

I have the class.phpmailer.php & class.smtp.php in the same directory and I have pasted the code from the form below.

<?php $flag=0; if($_POST) { $field1=$HTTP_POST_VARS['name']; $field2=$HTTP_POST_VARS['address']; $field3=$HTTP_POST_VARS['phone']; $field4=$HTTP_POST_VARS['alt_phone']; $field5=$HTTP_POST_VARS['email']; $field6=$HTTP_POST_VARS['comments']; $flag=1; $message = "Contact us form results\n\n"; $message.="IP: ".$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']." Date: ".date("m-d-y"); $message.="\n\nName: ".$field1; $message.="\nAddress: ".$field2; $message.="\nPhone: ".$field3; $message.="\nAlt Phone: ".$field4; $message.="\nEmail: ".$field5; $message.="\nComments: ".$field6; require("class.phpmailer.php"); $mail = new PHPMailer(); //$mail->IsSMTP(); //$mail->Host = ""; $mail->From = $field5; $mail->FromName = $field1; $mail->AddAddress("",""); $mail->WordWrap = 50; $mail->Subject = "Contact us form results!"; $mail->Body = $message; if($mail->Send()) $flag=1; } ?>

Has there been changes made to the server that cause this?

I appreciate any help…