PHPMail not working after the PHP Update to 5.6

Hi Dreamhost,

I really need your help. After you updated the PHP to 5.6 suddenly my PHPMail is not working. Please help.


If you’re trying to reach dreamhost support you should open a ticket or chat via the panel. Although a few dreamhost people read this, chances of getting official support via this forum are slim.

Where can I post a ticket? Dreamhost sucks at doing tech support. This has been posted for more than 3 hours and you were the only one who replied to me.

The support section of the dreamhost panel is what your looking for.

This thread did get opened at 2:46am dreamhost time. While dreamhost does have 24/7 support staff, normal business hour will of course have more eyes. But like I mentioned, this is a customer discussion forum, not an official means of contacting support. I thought you might be cnfused about that so I replied letting you know to use the options in the panel.