PHPMail & DH dont mix?

Anyone here have a PHP program on DH that needs to send and email for whatever reason (a confirmation signup, a contact you form, etc)

Im not running PHP as CGI – i tried that and my scripts totally stopped working so thats not an option…

Long story short…
I purchased two really popular off-the-shelf scripts that are in play on many other websites and had the programmers to install the files…and every thing upon everything works except for the email features. It doesnt send any log errors because it thinks its working – its just lost in limbo.

I thought it was just a legitimate error with the first program and just lived with it – but when it happened with the second…I knew it wasnt the programs.

I did some searches and found that this is an extremely common problem with some hosts and PHP programs.

Im just wondering if anyone has ever had a similar problem and could provide some direction.

Ive been a DH customer for coming on 4 years and this is my first real issue with them. Ive been getting nothing but canned responses from tech support because i dont think im saying the right things.

Let me know if youve ever experienced the same thing and could help.


I just moved a substantial PHP project from a dedicated server to DH. After one or two minor tweaks relative to the shared environment, it’s been running fine with PHP as a CGI. Anyway, it uses PHPMail, and I’ve had no trouble with it. Since PHPMail isn’t part of the standard DH PHP installation, I put the PHPMail files into a directory inside the project and modified my php include path to check that directory for files, and all has been well.