Phplist issues

Hi all,

I have installed PHPLIST on at least a dozen other sites. On my own site I just decided to add it. All went well and I sent a newletter out to 280 people on my liste.

Problem is even though it shows sent it doesn’t look like anyone has received one. Is there an issue with PHPLIST and Dreamhost?

Anyone have any info?


Are you talking about the Announce or Discussion list? There was an upgrade a few days ago. There don’t seem to be any complaints about it, so I guess it went ok.

Thanks for the quick reply.

No I was strictly speaking about PHPLIST the program (

Does Dreamhost have an issue with it that I am not aware of.


Almost certainly talking about PHPList. If you tried to use that to send a message to a list of 280 people, chances are that at least 180 of your messages were bounced due to mail sending quotas. You will need to either contact DreamHost Support regarding your mailing list, or use DreamHost’s internal Announce Lists feature instead. (Of these options, I strongly recommend the second.)

Sadly the list does not allow any of the features PHPLIST or any others offer. So it may push me to find other areas such as Canvas Dreams or Lunar Pages.


What sorts of features do you find our Announcement Lists lacking in?

You’ll also note that I didn’t say that PHPList was prohibited. You will simply need to discuss the situation with DreamHost Support before conducting mass mailings using it. These restrictions are in place for good reason — they allow us to restrict spam from being sent from web sites we host.

On the Announcement list. Most important you cannot create a newsletter feel or desing. This would be similar to Constant Contact or AWeber. Only difference is PHPLIST is free. Also the sign area is bulky looking and not attractive. There is no widget to add it to a WP site or any other site which PHPlist and the others above have.

Dreamhost would be well served to simply go to the site in question and make an educated guess as to if the site is a “spam” or legit.

I would also like to point out the I like DH but as a customer for over 7 years I would hope that they would have a better response (when I contacted support) than read the SPAM regulations.

Regardless I have spoke to several other hosting companies and no such restrictions exist. Some of them have being larger than those in question. Sadly I will have to make the decision to go to one of them along with the 12 other (legit) sites I have on DH.


Design is in your court. We have an option available to send HTML-formatted mailings, if you so desire; however, just as we do not provide web site templates, we do not provide templates for announcement lists either.

The clunkiness of the user-facing side of announcement lists is a known issue which we intend to address. You can hide most of it by setting the URLs in your announce list’s configuration, though.

Our Anti-Spam Policy requires that mailing lists must be opt-in and must keep records of signups; we cannot make a determination of whether a mailing list is compliant or not simply based on the content of the web site it is associated with.

We’re sorry to hear that, although I suspect you will find that mass mailing policies are similar (or more strict) at most other web hosts. Regardless, the decision is yours to make; good luck.