phpList and an email question

I am looking at moving a club website to Dreamhost and I have two specific questions:

  1. phpList: Our club’s current site has a mailing list with over 600 subscribers using phpList. This is purely for sending notices about meetings and events, typically one or two per month. In moving to DreamHost, I may eventually use DreamHost’s Announcement list for this purpose. But initially it would almost certainly be simplest to continue using phpList. My question: Is phpList compatible with Dreamhost? Are there limitations I should be ware of? I do realize that I would need to reduce the email rate to 100 messages per hour (we currently operate at 140), but that is not a problem.

  2. Email: (This question is not related to phpList.) On the DreamHost web site, on the page describing shared hosting there is a list of “Shared hosing standard features.” This list does not mention email. Can someone confirm that the standard shared hosting plan does include email? Our need for email is minimal, but we do need to have several email addresses associated with the site, such as for the club president and treasurer.


Hi Graham,

DreamHost announcement list is quite rudimentary compared to phpList. I’d suggest you to run phpList on DreamHost instead, since you already know how to use it.

Email is included in the hosting packages so you will be able to create the addresses you need.

Hope this answers your questions. If you have more doubts don’t hesitate to ask more.

Thanks for these helpful answers.