Phpinfo(), uptime and domain question

I have a question does anyone know of where dreamhost has a phpinfo() call so I can see all the libraries that are available to me. I mostly want to know the php version, the mysql version, the gdlib version, if mod_rewrite is a loaded module and so forth…

Uptime, I was reading that the server has been pretty spoty the last couple of days, but in one months time, how often would you say the server is down?

the free domain name. do you get to keep it once your time with the company has come to an end or do they keep it? I know many hosting companies won’t let you keep the free domain as their little ploy to get you to stay.

You’ll have to make your own phpinfo file by entering only the following (no blank lines) into a text file:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>Now, save the file as “phpinfo.php”, upload it to your server, and access it via your browser.

DreamHost users far more than just one server. You can view a (somewhat accurate) representation of your uptime at Status/System Status in your DH Control Panel.

You can take it with you, but it won’t be free after you leave DH.
I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

Uhmm… I don’t know if you knew which forum you are in… I posted this in…

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So all of your advice would be fine and dandy except for the fact that I can’t upload that file to my server, and I can’t check the Status/System status in the DH Control Panel as I have no web account with them here

Ah, good point. Well, in that case, PHP is v4.3.10, MySQL depends on what MySQL server you’re on (the standard appears to be either v4.0.24 or v4.1.8), gd is v2.0.28, and mod_rewrite is installed and active.

As for uptime, I’d say it’s exactly what DH days (99%), but others would argue for less or more.
I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

Hi paradox,

I’ve uploaded two phpinfo() files for you to study. One is with the standard settings at my server (the settings might not be the same on all servers). The other is for the PHP5 I’ve compiled myself.

Mod_rewrite is working…

Regarding uptime you can see the numbers from my control panel:
Service: http/ftp
Status: Up for 14 days 20 hours
1 week: 100%
1 month: 99.9882%
All Time: 99.9949% (since October 2004)

An average uptime of 99.9949% since October equals approx. 3 minutes downtime per month!

The problems people are having right now is with one of the MySQL servers. Unfortunately I don’t have any uptime stats on the databases.

I just looked through the most severe support annoncements I’ve received this year:

March 10: Brief network outage (8-10 minutes)
March 03: DreamHost Control Panel Downtime
January 28: Brief database connection problems
January 19: Email Delays because of Spam Filter
January 05: nobnin (MySQL server) problems earlier today

If you have any more questions, just ask…

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Of course that may not reflect Mail and MySQL uptime. if those are important to you.

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