Phpicalendar "being processed" error



I’ve been trying to get WebDav / phpicalendar working on my account and no matter what workaround I try I keep getting the following error message when trying to access phpicalendar:

Unable to open calendar.
The calendar “xxxx.ics” was being processed when this error occurred.

Apple iCal can publish and subscribe to the calendar without any problems through my webdav directory and I am using a fresh install of the latest build of phpicalendar. I also have followed the directions on the dreamhost wiki but nothing works.

I thought it was a permissions problem with webdav so I tried moving the .ics files into another directory and adjusting the configuration – but I get the same error.

I am running PHP version 4.4.2 with extra web security and fast CGI unchecked. FTP / CGI user is set to my username.

Anyone have any suggestions whatsoever? Thanks


Update: I determined that my problem has to do with the fact that PHP is running as my username and not as apache. I understand that DH removed the ability to change this. Is there any way to get my phpicalendar to be able to read the calendars I put online via webdav?