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I am having a problem configuring the one-click genealogy program. I set up the subdomain for it,, and then I installed the one-click program. I received an email with the changes that I needed to make in the configuration. When I want to save the configuration and want to start using the program, the thing takes me back to the config page and gives me the following error. Please someone help. I have tried several times in the course of two months to set up this program, but it never lets me get past this.

Your current database configuration is bad. Please check your database connection parameters and configure again.
DB Error: connect failed [nativecode=Unknown MySQL server host ' ’ (1)] ** Array


I have just installed the program and it installed okay.

Did you create a new MySQL database hostname ( or use an existing one?

If you created a new MySQL hostname it can sometimes take a while to propagate the DNS record for the hostname. A ‘while’, in this reality, being a unit of time from one minute up to 72 hours :wink: .

Also double check you have entered all six items required as per the email from The Happy DreamHost Installer Robot. Pasting is best.


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I installed from the one-click installations, so I don’t think getting into MySQL is necessary as none of my other one-clicks needed it. I did go there however, and the database is there. Also, I did copy and paste from the email I was sent. If you please, go to and check it out for yourself. I just don’t know what else to do. I went to MySQL and opened the database. What should I look for?


Is your database ? Or do you mean the hostname is

The error message is saying that the hostname does not exist although I can see from a whois that it does exist.

You can also get a MySQL error message like that when the database/username/password items are incorrect in some combination.

What I would suggest is to create another test sub-domain for your domain and then try another one-click install to the new sub-domain.

In the one-click install page you can select an already existing MySQL hostname such as but create a new database of just a few letters/numbers such as abcd1234 (do not use full-stops).

Choose to create a new MySQL user and password and let the one-click install.

See how that goes after you have received the install email and configured PhpGedView.

If that works okay then you can delete the original one-click install from the one-click install and try again.

Sometimes a one-click can throw a wobbly and not install correctly so a re-install may work.


Opinions are my own views, not DreamHosts’.
I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

You act on my advice at your own risk!