PhpGedView one click install

I tried installing PhpGedView and the panel claims everything went fine, I got an email saying that I can set it up, but when I click on the link to my site I get the apache directory structure that you get when there is no index.html. After trying the different .php files each were missing files that were defiantly not there. It looks as though the install failed half way through and stopped coping files. Am I the only one with this problem, I could just install it but I really like the one click upgrades.

The panel was acting up about the time you posted that, but it appears to be working properly now … I suggest you try the “one-click” again. If it “took” it won’t let you do it, and if it “didn’t” take, it probably will work this time around.


I tried it again and still have the same result. I originally tried this last night after I saw the update on the dreamhost status rss feed. And I had this issue then too.

Actually now I’m have a slightly different result, the webpage looks the same although now I do not have the application listed as installed on the one click install panel.

hmmmm… it’s looking more and more like the install just didn’t “take”. It might be time to send a support request. :wink:


Support request away…

Good luck, and I’d love to hear what they say. From what I heard over IRC about the time you were first having the trouble, I still suspect the panel may have just “burped” and borked the install.

If that happened, there is no telling what might have gotten “mis-set” in the tracking of the “failed” one-click install.


Yeah they were able to clear out the previous install but still can’t install. I’m thinking about ditching the one click install, I could have had this thing installed manually 10 times over with all the effort I’ve put into it.

Heh! I agree with you on that. When the “one-clicks” work they are slightly more convenient than doing it yourself, but not that much.

I’ve had good result with the ones I have tried, which is most of them, but I’ve never done the PhpGedView. Frankly, I would almost always rather do my own “upgrades” anyway - I just trust the “manual” process more, especially if any customization was involved (and it often is!).

To me, their biggest value is to those who can’t do their own installs - for them it might be the only way to be able to use some of these applications. :wink: