Phpfreechat installation problem

Hello, I’m trying to install a PHPFreeChat chatroom on my Dreamhost-hosted website. I know Dreamhost don’t offer support for this program, but it is supposed to work fine at Dreamhost and several users use it, and I’d be grateful for help from anyone who is willing to advise.

I have followed the instructions here. But instead of a chat room showing up on the page where it should, all I’m getting is a link to the phpfreechat front page.

I have enabled php 5.3 for my domain.

Possible reasons for the problem are:

  • mod_rewrite and .htaccess not enabled; I am not familiar with this, so please can someone tell me how to check whether they are enabled or not!

  • the instructions say to give “write access to the phpfreechat-2.1.0/server/data/ and phpfreechat-2.1.0/server/log/ folder (777 or write permission for the web server)”. For security reasons I am unwilling to use 777, but I have used 755 instead, which as I understand it should be OK. In fact this was already the default. I used SFTP (WinSCP) to do this, and didn’t see any way to enable write permission for the web server specifically. Can someone advise?

  • something completely different!

Thanks in advance!