Hey guys. Im looking at installing phpFoX on one of my accounts. Anyone have this installed on DreamHost. Any problems?

Thanks, Adam

I have not installed it, but looking at the requirements as posted on, there are no obvious “gotchas” that would prevent it from being run on Dreamhost shared servers.

I’m not real excited about it requiring register_globals = ON ; but that can be facilitated by running your domain under PHP4 (choose from the Manage Domains - Edit screen for your domain) or by compiling your own PHP5, or using you own instance of PHP5 with a customized php.ini (both methods are discussed at length in the Dreamhost Wiki).


Did you manage to install this script with dreamhost? I want to make sure that this script is working with dreamhost shared hosting account

Nope … I never even tried. I will not run a PHP script with register_globals = ON, and would never trust a PHP that required it.