PHPed and MySQL

I am in need the assistance of someone who uses PHPed. I am having trouble setting up access to MySQL databases. I am sure that I have setup the parameters - dbhostname (, the initial dbname (goape), the dbusername (goapeuser), and password all correctly. However it also ask for the database port (default is 3306) which I cannot find anything in the knowledgebase about.

The error message I get when I try to connect from PHPed on my PC is "Could not connect using Access denied for goaperuser@-longISPstring- (Using password: Yes).

Any advice???

If you are using the script from your home computer (or not ‘localhost’/domain) then you need to add your IP to the user that you are trying to use. This might be it?

Port shouldn’t be needed/used. I don’t even know the port so use the default of the script.

Password is case-sensitive.

please pardon the intrusion, but I’m curious, is it any better than Zend Studio? This is the first PHP IDE I’ve seen outside of Zend Studio (currently my primary IDE).

I like it very much, although I have never used Zend. PHPed is not wysiwyg, but provides nice support for creating forms for database and SOAP apps. You can download a 30 day free trial.

I will check out Zend.

I have also solved my problem with accessing the database using PHPed. I needed to update my dbuser in mySQL so that the db could be access from my ip address (default is from the DreamHost server only.)