phpBBS - Help embedding youtube videos in posts please! :)

So, I have tried absolutely every BBCode mod I have found, and I cannot get a YouTube video to embed in my posts …

I don’t need it to start running when they open the topic (that would be awesome tho), I just want the image (rather than the link) to display with the arrow for play (if possible) in the post and the users can click that image, which of course will start the video playing.

I am sure it is something I’ve set wrong … I am new to phpBBS and unfortunately just about everything out there ‘help’ wise is for phpBBS3.1

My current BBCode is:



[youtube]copy and paste the iframe embed code here[/youtube]

What shows up in my topic is;


It doesn’t matter if I use the share URL (the one above) or the long URL the browsers displays.

BTW my still photos/pictures/images work great, its just the YouTube stuff I’m having problems with.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. - I’m trying to keep it as simply as possible for my users … this is a site for veterans and most are 70+ with little or no computer skill. I even have a few WW2 vets in their 90’s … so seeing and clicking (tapping) is about as complicated as I want to get.

Seriously, most my users are in rest homes and are using pads set up by someone else that auto-magically logs them in (they have ZERO computer expertise and the cranky old farts just want it to work, they don’t want to have to learn about “these damned computers”). :slight_smile: They are great, I love them. A truly special group of men.

from your USAGE statement above, I would think you should be substituting this way


The html replacement handles adding the rest. Note however, I don’t understand what the tags {TEXT} and {TEXT2} are in this context, you may need to alter your substitution.

The reason it’s done this way is to make it safe for a non-privileged (i.e. regular user) to embed youtube. If a regular user could could post a full link including then they could also post a link to and attempt to infect people just for clicking on and reading the thread. So… since only the admin has access to the html replacement portion…thus forcing [youtube] tags to only load youtube video.

Also you said:

If you are putting BBcode in the TOPIC of a message I don’t think it will work, I believe it would need to be in the body.

I meant in the body of my topic.

LakeRat, I can’t tell you what the tags are doing … I am a neophyte at this stuff, I go to the boards, they tell me copy and paste this stuff in, so I copy and paste it in … like I said, this is like the 20th version of this that I have tried.

As for people inserting malware, no one has access to posting on our boards until they are registered, have validated their email, and we have looked them up in our database and approved them as a current paid member.