phpBB3 & URL file-access



I know the issue of phpbb version 3 and allow_url_fopen has been addressed here. However, in spite of all the solutions for working around this problem, none of them specify which files in phpbb need to be edited. I have a lot of users of my forum complaining about the lack of ability to link to off line photos & I need to get this fixed.

Can anyone tell me exactly which files I need to edit in order to get everything working?



Have you checked the PhpBB forum? I’d think they would have that readily available. Just thinking …



I did check the phpbb forum. The only solution I could find was to edit the message_parser.php file. That did fix the one error: “It was not possible to determine the dimensions of the image,” but gave me a new error:
Your images may only be up to 500 pixels high.
Your images may only be up to 500 pixels wide.

I have yet to find something that fixes this totally. I’ve also had very little success with getting any sort of help on the phpbb forum when I’ve posted a question. Most times I don’t even get a reply.


Yeah, that can be frustrating! I’m wondering though:

[quote]Your images may only be up to 500 pixels high.
Your images may only be up to 500 pixels wide.[/quote]
Doesn’t really look like an error message to me - are you sure the image in question did not exceed those dimensions?



It is an error message because I have image sizing completely disabled. There are no size restrictions at all, therefore this shouldn’t even be coming up.


Ah! I see now … I have no clue what might be going on with that, sorry!




did u maybe recently upgraded from mysql 4 to 5?

and also try adding max image size allowed and if exceed some… 600×600 px to create thumbail


I’m having this exact same problem, with a forum I one-click installed (advanced) on 8-12-2008. Everything should be the latest versions. (phpbb, PHP, mysql)

I have all resizing and thumbnailing turned off, but I keep getting that same error:

“It was not possible to determine the dimensions of the image.”

Anyone have a suggestion? :frowning:


I am not sure what could be causing your problem(s). As you can see on my forum the url tag is working like it should both supporting full url’s and image size is 600x800.


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yeah it’s driving me nuts now… i have another phpbb forum on a different subdomain that i one-click installed a while ago… everything works fine there, on version 3.0.0

i’m about to just uninstall this new 3.0.2 one and start all over from the beginning, lol.


Ok, I got looking at the admin panel and on the general tab is board configuration. Click on post settings. At the very bottom on the window is the maximum width and height per post.

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yeah, i had tried all of that many times with no luck. :slight_smile:

I finally found a simple, secure, working fix:

it works great now, but thanks for the help, much appreciated. Hopefully that link can help the next stumped Dreamhost customer. :slight_smile:

Take care.