phpBB3 One-Click update broken

Has anybody had success with a one-click upgrade of phpBB? When mine runs, common.php has a problem with this line (and probably all lines similar):
require($phpbb_root_path . ‘includes/acm/acm_’ . $acm_type . ‘.’ . $phpEx);

It doesn’t pick up the $acm_type variable, so it ends up trying to include acm_.php, which doesn’t exist.

Are we supposed to run an update script? The Install directory does not exist in the One-Click.


I ended up doing a New Install and then imported my database and settings from the site during the phpBB update process. That was pretty painless.


I’d love to know how you were able to import your phpBB2 db into phpBB3. Our site’s dev team has been having a helluva time with moving the old db from another host and then getting into phpBB3.

(theother) Scott

There’s an install directory in 3 that includes an Update script. It asked my where my old DB was and my original 2 installation and then handled the update from there.


So, if I understand you correctly, you simply followed the instructions provided on the site. I believe the instructions tell you to install phpbb 3 in a new location and run the updating script located in the install folder.
Is that what you did? Worked flawlessly?
I was reading up on this at the phpbb site, and I thought I’d come here and see if anyone made the jump to 3. I do not see a one-click install here as the other Scott eluded to.
Oh, just reading the instructions, I was curious, do you have to start another SQL database?

Since I already had a phpBB2 installation, I tried the one-click to update it, and it failed. So I created a new subdomain and a new db and manually installed phpBB3 there.

During that installation, it asked me where my old stuff was, so I pointed it to the BB2 database, and the .old BB2 directory and it updated my new installation. Then I renamed the domain as .new and renamed the subdomain as my domain and went with it.

My manual BB3 installation took the place of the failed One-click BB3 directory, and is using the new BB3 database. I don’t know what will happen when they get one-click running again, but if BB3 has its own updating mechanism (a la WordPress), it won’t matter.