Phpbb3 new error

I’m starting to get this error on my phpbb3 boards:

[code]SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

Unknown column ‘s.session_forum_id’ in ‘where clause’ [1054]

An SQL error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact the Board Administrator if this problem persists.[/code]
At first, I thought I goofed somewhere, but my generic phpbb3 installation that’s a pristine installation (no posts, no config changes) does the same. It’s my advanced One-Click install that’s having this problem. Is anybody else having phpbb3 problems? Yes, I tried the database update to no avail. I’m running stock PHP 5.2.6.


I’ve seen this once before at another host and had to run to manually update the database. It occured on a manual installation and only ever happened to me once, which was weird.

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I’d read that trick and tried it, but it didn’t help. The other odd part is that when I log in to the board, it goes to the success screen, then refreshes back to the main forum screen and has forgotten that I’ve logged in.

Naturally, there’s nothing in the Apache logfile, and I don’t see any internal logs for phpBB. I’ve even deleted all of the cache files and that didn’t help. Without being able to log in, I can’t go to the Admin panel and poke around.


I ended up grabbing the new 3.0.3 and installing that, while keeping my old database, templates, and other old data. After running the database update for 3.0.3, all is working well now. I’m still having the login issue with Safari, but not with Firefox, so it’s some minor issue now.