phpBB3 loading problem

Ive installed phpBB3 on my website (–redacted–) but everything on it loads very slow. I dont know whats wrong if its phpBB3, DH, or the mysql. Im guessing it DH or mysql because ive installed it on a couple of other websites (different host) and have no problems.

It is really really slow.

Is there a reason why you have to use phpbb3? It is not the final version yet. If there is no specific feature you need from phpbb3, I’ll suggest you to use the stable version phpbb2 which is available in goodies --> one-click installs.

If you still encounter the same problem after you switch to phpbb2, probably you are in a bad server (no luck) and should seek DH support for help.

Btw, you use flash movie in your home page but forgot to provide a loading bar. I was confused at the first time. I thought there was only a black screen in your home page.

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I really wanted phpBB3 for the portal. And I have installed a “one click” and it ran better, but there was still some delay. I havent had this problem until recently.

lol yea, about the flash on my homepage: For some reason the video loads very slow. So by the time the loading bar does come up the site is already loaded so I just took it off. Too me it was just a waste of frames. I need to re-do it because Im tired of that song so maybe it will load faster this time around.

Thanks for the help. Im probably just going to go back to phpbb2 and try to find a different portal.

For your flash, you can try to separate the loading bar and actual movie to different files.

How slow is it? Depends on the size of your database, it should be loaded within few seconds. If yours is too slow, you can try to ask DH support to check the database server. Maybe the database server is a bit over loaded.

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Well I dont really have an account here as far as billing goes. My friend has the webspace and I bought a website and he is letting me put it on his space. So I dont want to go too far in demanding. I did run a system check and only error that came up was with the jabber software or somethin.

PhpBB2 works fine on it though. I guess cause it only has half information tables as 3 does. But I still think there is something wrong with the php on it. Recently my flash chatroom with php has started acting up. The flash loads fine but it takes what seems like 10 minutes for the php to actually put the flash on the page. See it here --redacted–

I agree.

Yes, I saw the problem. I waited a while to see the login panel.

Hmm… I noticed that I can drap and move the login panel but the movement is not smooth. Did you use on enterFrame or on mouseMove? Sometimes on mouseMove works better than on enterFrame.

I think flash is loading and checking some data (maybe from database) before it throws login panel out. If the connection is slow, then flash has to wait, wait, and wait.

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Yea, I noticed that too. But the drag feature worked fine before. Like I said, Ive been real happy with this service but recently its just been slacking a little. I found a new CMS called Icy Phoenix and it runs well so im going with that instaed of phpBB really. But that chat room is valuable to me and I would like to get that fixed. I think I have re-installed it 1 or 2 times to make sure it wasnt a problem with the files. It also accesses the mysql database for usersname/password and other information, so maybe it is mysql.