PHPBB3 blank page problems



Hi all

I have recently installed PHPBB3.0.3 in my Dreamhost account. For some reason, from time to time I get a blank page instead of the expected forum page - this may happen in the front page, or even in some internal page (which is more frustrating btw - the post would seem to work fine, but then will not allow you to post, or something else). The page is completely blank (0-length); no errors are reported in it nor in the Apache logs.

In all cases, the errors can be corrected by clearing the cache, so I suspect that the problem lies there. I have also found that these errors tend to crop up whenever the server experiences an abnormally high load, but can’t really tell for sure what triggers them. (Once they happen, however, they won’t go away until the cache is cleared).

Disabling the cache is obviously not a good solution; as a workaround, I am thinking of havin a cronjob clear the cache automatically every few hours, but, again, that is not exactly optimal either.

Anybody has any clue? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Mr. Google says: try replacing overall_header.html with a clean one from your original theme directory.

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Many thanks for your help. The only modification I have in overall_header.html is due to the installation of Smartfeed, and I have replaced it, as per your suggestion. I don’t think that is the cause of the problem, though, since the problem also happened without Smartfeed installed.

I even went as far as to take a copy of a ‘cache’ directory which triggered the error, but I don’t really have a clue as to where to start looking for the cause. I plan to experiment a little, putting the defective cache dir in and then deleting files until I find the one which screwed it all up. Of course, I need to have the time for that (and the knowledge that nobody is surfing the site at the moment).

Again, thanks!