phpBB3 Beta 1 released



Finally, after 3 YEARS, phpBB3 beta 1 is now released:

For any of those that like to play with the beta. I plan on checking it out later tonight. If I recall right, too, phpBB3 requires register_globals to be off. Which means, if you’re using DH’s PHP install, you have to use PHP5. If you’re using a custom PHP install, make sure you turn OFF register_globals within the php.ini file.

yerba# rm -rf /etc


I’ve read alot of the phpbb3 code and I’m fairly certain it will run with register globals on. Have a look in common.php


Ah, they took that check out. Now they just have:

[quote]PHP setting “register_globals” is disabled: No
phpBB will still run if this setting is enabled, but if possible, it is recommended that register_globals is disabled on your PHP install for security reasons.[/quote]
“No” is in red.

yerba# rm -rf /etc


Thanks for letting me know. Now I can get to know the program before it goes gold and it goes live on my site.


I’ve been running a test install on one of my domains… Check it out

I’m not doing anything with it other than playing around. The biggest change is the in the ACP register for an account and I’ll give you admin privledges.

BTW, It ran fine on my other host with globals on. Over here I just imported the DB and modified the config file. Ever thing works fine as far as I can tell.


I love the new installation. so much nicer than version 2. Now that it has attachments included, I don’t have to worry about mods anymore. So far the only problem I found with it is a typo in the ACP.LOL.