Phpbb3 and email (SMTP)

I’m beating my head against the keyboard trying to get email working reliably from phpbb3. I thought php mail might be the issue, so I attempted to set up SMTP - without success. I have tried multiple variations on my SMTP username and authentication. Does anyone have any tips on setting this up?

i don’t get it, are you using your domain as the SMTP server or or what? should just be your domain for mail server. I would’nt sugest php mail, its not truly greate, but smtp should work, just use your domain as SMTP server and your login user and pass for auth, or unless you use a pasific email account then the login would be and password being whatever. If this doesn’t work, contact the phpbb3 support team and ask them if they know what its problem is, could just be a phpbb3 bug!

I hope this was helpfull, Yes I do try to make sense.