phpBB2 help - will pay!




I run a small forum for a group of students in Melbourne at

We’ve had phpBB2 installed for a while now, had some trouble. Now currently I face two issues:

  1. I can log in from my Mac with Safari, but on my PC logging in doesn’t work with both Firefox or IE. I have no idea what the problem is

  2. We would like to be able to post attachments to our forum. I tried to install the attachment mod, but once installed whenever I tried to visit the forum i was redirected to (which I had deleted so got a 404 error).

If you can help with either that would be much appreciated, whoever fixes number 2 will get $10 via PayPal.




A few things to try.

  1. check for cookie blocking, not sure what else. Are you getting any errors?
  2. When installing the attachment mod, depending on what approach you took to install it.
    The approch I took was The one with pre edited files. Once these were uploaded, then I would edit a few more that are listed in the directions. Make sure word wrap is turned off. I made that mistake, thinking it was suppose to go on the next line.
    Once that is done double check for errors. If there is a mistake odds are it is what got edited. Location of the lines being edited is very important as well. I had an entry on the wrong side of a line in the file, and it royally screwed up the mod.
    This is why it is so important to backup before, an update, as it allows you to start over fresh if a mistake is made.
    I guess almost everyone goes through learning pains, but once you figure out how exacting the manual really is, the next time will be much easier.
    The good news, it the next full version “Olympus” will have the attachment mod included in the core.
    Good luck


thanks for that. i got some help on the phpbb forums so the attachment mod is all good now. I still can’t log in from my desktop computer, i think it has something to do with my drupal install.