phpBB2.0.6 Join Group

I have posted this problem on but so far have not received an answer that solves my problem. Is anyone here running v 2.0.6 and are you having any problems with users joining open groups?

The Join Group button, Pending, etc., are not there. Selecting Usergroups/View Information acts as though the user is not logged in. The LogIn at the top of the screen says “LogIn” and does not display username - just as though the user is not logged in. Logging in (again) takes the user to the board index screen. This process can be repeated ad naseum.

I can get the v2.0.3 groupcp.php to work with the rest of v2.0.6 so that joining a group works, but am leery of using this for fear it may cause a security leak.

Someone suggested ZoneAlarm Pro might be the culprit, but I’ve pretty much eliminated it (shutdown) and Norton Anti-Virus (disabled). Haven 't gone as far as to uninstall either as this would defeat the purpose of having them in the first place!

Have the same problem using Internet Explorer v6 and Netscape V4.7 and V7.0.

Am running Windows XP.


Problem has been solved. Cookie setting.