I did the one click install for the phpbb and i wanted to delete it but when i login to my ftp site it doesnt let me delete it an error comes up can someone help me thanks

What error do you get?


cache 550 directory not empty. and it says make sure you have permission to access this folder. but im logged in.

you need to set your FTP program to delete directores that are full. You’ll have to look around in the settings - there should be an option to delete full directores, or recursivly delete directories - somethign like that.

Then you should be able to delete the files.


thank you i hope i can find it

what is the shell its says enable ssh telnet would that be it

no that’s not it. That sounds like a setting in your DH control panel.

You need to change this setting on your FTP program. What program are you using?


i dont use a program i use my network places to edit my ftp stuff

ok i found out what i need to do i downloaded smart ftp and it let me delete it thank you for your help. dream host has the best customer service