I i am very interested in buying a plan here, But i have a question

will you install Phpbb on my site???


You’ve found the right place. I guess DreamHost should advertise more about their one-click installs, which includes phpBB!

It’s just that we’re still waiting to hear about updating to the latest version once installed. - What do you think?

nop, I don’t believe support will do it for you, but you can do it for your self! Once you sign up you just log into your control panel and go to goodies > One click installs and there’s a very simply procedure to follow, and then you’ll have your self a phpbb forum!


Sorry, I didn’t respond to that question before. We do intend to eventually handle all upgrades of One-Click Installs automatically, but we do not do this yet. We will automatically perform any critical security updates, but do not yet have a working system to handle other kinds of upgrades automatically.

In short, not yet but we’re working on it.

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