when i try to install phpbb and enter in all the info it says ‘cant connect to database’

ive got the database created as well as a user… any one have any suggestions?

db: check!
user: check!
hostname: wha…?

Got hostname? need hostname. You can add one in the same spot where you added a user to the db…


its showing localhost–what exactly would i put there? are they asking for an address or a name or what lol
…i added something and when i entered it and tried to install, still nothing.

in your panel, go to the DB you created, below the DB info are links:

[ Add User ] - [ Add MySQL Hostname ]

you want to click “Add MySQL Hostname” if there isn’t one set up already, and go through that (may take 15 minutes to a few hours for the change to take effect).

Then where the phpBB installer/config file is asking for the hostname you would plug in that hostname (default name is


ok i did that earlier–guess i just need to wait now…

thank you for the help