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OK, like most of you, I got the e-mail from DH warning me about the evils of YaBB, and yes, I am running it on one client site. DH recommend switching to PHPBB, so, after waiting for the PHPBB site to come back online (it was down for a redesign), I downloaded the script and installed it, only to get the following when I tried to go to the install.php page:

Template->make_filename(): Error - file /install.tpl does not exist

Has anyone else run into that with with program? I can’t be the only one who decided to switch to PHPBB after that e-mail more or less ordered us to… I did post about it on the PHPBB support forum ( but haven’t gotten any answers yet, so I thought I’d try here as well. I figured that since it’s not particularly urgent, I might as well not annoy the DH tech support people until I’ve exhausted other avenues.

BTW, yes, the file in question does exist, I kept the directory structure intact, and uploaded all text files in ASCII, just to eliminate a few of the more common reasons for things screwing up.




Did you have any luck with this issue? im about to setup phpbb on my domain but at the moment im having trouble setting up the mySQL database.


Yes, it turned out that somehow or other the directory that was supposed to be called subSilver had been changed to subsilver instead, and linux systems being case-sensitive, that meant it couldn’t find it.

I’m not sure HOW the name got changed - other people in the phpBB support forums suggested it was probably either my FTP program or by unzipping program, but when I downloaded a different version of phpBB recently, using the exact same software, it didn’t change the capitalization, so I don’t know… Anyway, if you do get that error, check the name of that directory, and also the subSilver.cfg file within it, and make sure they have that capital S.

With regard to the MySQL setup, I’ve found a really easy way to manage MySQL databases is to install phpMyAdmin ( It gives you a graphic interface where you can not only create and delete databases, but also add tables and data within them, see what databases you already have, etc. Particularly now that DH allows unlimited databases, it’s very handy. I know the web panel gives you some of that functionality already, but phpMyAdmin lets you get right inside the databases and see everything that’s in there, set up new tables, etc. so it gives you more control.

One other thing worth noting - for anyone that’s converting from YaBB to phpBB due to DH’s recent announcement about the evils of the former, there is a conversion script on the phpBB site that will convert a YaBB board to phpBB - BUT it only works with the RC1 release of phpBB2, not the final release. So if you want that script you have to download RC1 from the phpBB2 sourceforge site, run the conversion script, and then upgrade it to the final version.




Thanks for the info! I had a similar problem and it turned out that my FTP client was not transfering the files in the appropriate mode. After manually selecting ASCII or BIN for each file as needed everything appears to be working fine with the exception of occasional messages stating that the connection to the MySQL server cannot be made. I sent a support request to Dreamhost so hopefully I can resolve this problem. If I refresh the the page when I get this error it will connect to the database and I can continue working on my board but notices like this would scare away my users.