Phpbb ? work on dreamhost?


Is it possible to have phpbb with dreamhost account?
I have the L1 package.


Yes, it’s possible.

bryan | website


yup I have phpbb setup on mine…it was pretty easy to do…phpbb has all of the instructions for it, if you need help just send me a private message


ahh in that case.
I thought phpbb was something server owners had to install. well php, then phpbb.

Do i gotta install php or is that already installed?


php is already installed.
You just need to upload and untar the archive from, enter a few variables and delete two folders.
If your comfortable with it, ~5 minutes to deploy. Even a noob should get it without hitch if you follow the instructions.


I went to install it then when I was going to go to the install url, to set it up. I noticed my website doesn’t even work.

but I was able to login to the FTP.