Phpbb wont install

im trying to install phpbb2 on my site basically i have created the database and i can access its phpmyadmin but yet it does not try to install or even create the directory for it to install to.
please help

please be a little more specific. How are you installing PHPBB? And what exactly isn’t happenning?


through the one click systen in the control panel, it just isnt coming up at all, the directory i tell it to install to isnt created and ti basically doesent look like its making a effort to install it.

although i must say, that earlier i installed it, it worked but i had to delete it due to the directory being wrong :frowning:
do you think this could have caused the problems.

your previous installation shouldn’t be an issue.

I’m guessing that you created your database through goodies>mysql ? Or are you re-using the database from your previous install? You should start off your new installation with a nice blank database. You can just use the features in the one click install area to create a new datbase for you.

check out what I wrote in this thread about the third post or so down I out line instructions you should follow to create a new forum install. Hopefully that will help?


how long should i exactly wait, its been about 8-9 hours now :frowning:

That should be more than ample time. Is the install script giving you a mysql error? and can you connect to php My admin or not?


basically, i can connect through php my admin, when i install all it does is create the database and nothing else, it doesent even create the directory for the phpbb2 install to go into.

That’s very odd. If you’re filling out the install form correctly, as I have outlined then I would contact support.

Or you can install it your self. You’ll find detalied instructions over at There’s even a flash tutorial.


yeh booger it im gonna install it manually.

I’m not sure what’s up here. I’ve made a couple phpbb install myself from the one click installs, and all went well for me. But the two poeple I’ve been helping out in this forum can’t get it to work. I hope it’s not me…