Phpbb with .htaccess redirect

I am setting up a web site for a student government group that has new elections each year. I’m trying to make it so that each year, the new group can archive the previous year’s discussions and have a fresh install of phpbb.

To that effect, I’ve set up a directory structure like, where I’ve installed phpbb, and it’s working. I’d like the same site to appear at the URL, so I added a .htaccess file at /forum with “DirectoryIndex 10/index.php” in it (no quotes).

Next year, I plan to make a new install of phpbb at /forum/11, and I’ll change the .htaccess to “DirectoryIndex 11/index.php”

The problem is that if I go to, I see the contents, but no style sheets work. It does work if I go to

I suspect this is because phpbb uses relative urls throughout ($phpbb_root_path appears to be widely referenced), so the style isn’t loading correctly.

Is there a good way for me to define $phpbb_root_path with an absolute path rather than a relative path in phpbb?

Or is there a better approach to this problem than what I’m trying?

Thanks in advance!

Trying to play games with the phpBB root path like this will cause all sorts of weird problems (like what you’re seeing). You’re probably better off either:
[] Creating the forum at /forum/10 and setting /forum up as a redirect to the “real” URL
] Creating the forum at /forum, then moving it to /forum/10 at the end of the year