Phpbb version 3 "slowness"



Hi there,

I recently installed phpBB version 3 on my dreamhost account. it works fine, aside from extremely long load time to access any page on the forum.

Reading the Dreamhost Support, it says:

Your site may have a bad query that is causing the slowness, ask support for your database slow logs.

Some plug-ins for popular one-click installs use bad queries and can cause MySQL slowness. Try disabling them one by one to find the culprit.

I checked the ‘reports by database’ for my account… the db size is small and conueries are low… so the traffic does not seem like the problem.

Does anyone have specific advice about how to solve this or check for bad query if that is the problem?

Thanks in advance,

  • Justin


Ask Support to email you the slow query log and check that first.