phpBB - users having login problems




I’m running phpBB on one of my dreamhost domains (in a directory named “forum”). I have approx. 170 registered users at the moment, but a handful of them are having continual login-problems where they keep being told their password/username is incorrect and they cannot log-in to post.

I’ve had them check clearing their browser cookies and caches, quitting and re-attempting, but to no avail. As recommended at the support forum, I ran the Auto Cookie mod, but had no success fixing the problem for them with it. Does anyone else have any suggestions? I’m beginning to wonder if it’s an issue on the DreamHost side of things and if there’s any other mods or script changes I need to make to fix this problem.

Thanks for any help.

(If it matters here is the direct link to my forum:


Have you tried changing the cookie name in Admin?