PHPBB Upgrading out side of the 1 Click installer - is it wise?



I note that the 1 Click installer is two versions behind on the PHPBB package. (the latest release came out at the first part of Jan, and now it’s March.)

I’m wondering, if it’s healthy to go ahead and upgrade, even though the 1 Click Auto installer thinks it as the current version and doesn’t think it can ‘Upgrade me into the future’ or some witty thing.

anyway, what do you think? go ahead and do the upgrade manually, (well, I’d use PHPBB’s auto update tool, but, does that do anything bad to the ‘1 click’ side of things?)


zWolf -out.


Absolutely. If you can handle upgrades yourself then definitely upgrade it. For those who can’t, they should find someone who can do it for them. As is standard procedure: make a website and database backup before you upgrade just in case something goes skewiff.

There’s a button to remove it from the One Click list if you choose to handle upgrades manually.