phpBB upgrade or go for one-click install?

I’m running a well-oudated version of phpBB (2.0.6) and really need to upgrade it. I’ve never done an update before, and wondered if it would be better to try to go through these version updates, or make use of the one-click install, and then upload the backup?

phpBB has instructions on how to do a new install and then upload the old files, but I’m not sure if it is identical if you use the one-click install, because DH’s info says php will run as a cgi (?!?) which is above my level of knowledge.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

: ) Thanks.

Personally I’d use the php upgrade. You can donwload the files from phpbb, and then update your current install. There is also special patch files you can download, which is the preferable way to go if you have a lot of mods in your forum. Regardless of the method you decided to go about updating your forum, make sure you have backups of all the forum files and the database.


Matttail is right. Upgrade the board manually. One of my users tried to upgrade the board (its 2.0.13) and the one-click-upgrade killed it. There was the /forum.old/ directory so I just deleted the ‘upgraded’ one and renamed it so it’s no big deal until I get around to upgrading it myself over the weekend.

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I was feeling optimistic about the possibility because of the reinstall instructions in the phpBB FAQ, it all sounded really good, I just needed to sort out the ‘phpMyAdmin’ part. :\

Really need to get something sorted out because my board was hacked last night, I was lucky only the Index was changed (thank you for sparing my forum Yossi).

I haven’t tried updating with a patch file because I’m not sure what this means:

Does that command line refer to the “Run” command in Windows?

Yes I am really that daft (why I haven’t updated the forum software) saw the bit about .rej files and HUNK FAILED and thought this is really out of my depth.

When I installed the board I migrated a lot of old topics from an ‘ezboard’ forum, and I was amazed it worked at all, but the dates got completely whacked. Had no idea at all what I was doing and thought maybe a clean install with a new configuration would be a good idea.

Thanks very much for your advice.

You will be running that command on your sever, not your home compuer. You’ll need to connect up with the command line interface of your server with SSH. You’ll want to use a program like putty. Read the wiki article called SSH for help on getting conected and all.


Matttail, thanks, I should have recognised that.

My forum was hacked two nights ago and yesterday was spent backing up and trying to pull the data together that phpBB asked me for. Even though I’m running such an outdated version they are still going to investigate it.

I sent them the full backup and the files, but I’ve been waiting 18 hours for a reply from DH about the logfiles. I looked in the directory but wouldn’t have any idea where to find the log for that directory, and couldn’t find any info on the old KBase or Wiki on how to read them.

Is there a How To on reading logfiles somewhere? I’m pretty disappointed with DH’s lack of reply, there were 191 support requests when I first filed mine, now there are 292.

I’ll be going the update route… as soon I get clearance, but phpBB won’t work on it until they have the logs. : \