phpBB upgrade in panel- will I lose mods and theme

I want to upgrade my phpBB via web panel from . However, will I lose all MODS and themes I have installed? If so, how do I counteract that? I want to go from 2.0.17 to 2.0.21

Thank you in advance!

According to Dreamhost you WILL lose your theme. What you need to do is backup your theme, upgrade and then copy your theme back.

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And what about installed mods?

That will depend on the mod and which files get updated. There is a chance that a few files will get overwritten and you will need to redo those few files, but you probably will not need to do all of the files, unless you choose the full install. Which brings up another point, I think the one click update on DH (may) be a full install. I am not sure on that. If it is on PHPBB’s web site is a partial install, helps out greatly with mods.
Hope this helps,

If you’re up for using SSH you might simply check out the patch file upgrade from phpbb. Just make a backup of your files and DB first, then you should be able to run the patch file. This goes through the files and tries to update with the new code. The idea is that rather than overwriting the files and loosing your mods it tries to update them. Sometimes becuse of mods interfer with it upgrading and you have to do it manually though.

Anywas, just something to consider.

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