PHPBB sub-domain?

I’m confused. I want to install PHPBB to a sub-domain (

But when I follow the one click install instructions I have to either:

a) install to a folder inside of my domain and create a new sub-domain name

b) install to the root of my sub-domain but then create a new sub-domain name in the process

If I install to a folder inside of the domain and specify a new sub-domain name does that mean that the sub-domain will automatically point to that folder?

I ask because I ran though the install and the files were in the folder, but then a few minutes later a new folder showed up with the name of the sub-domain. Of course the new folder was empty. So I got baffled and just deleted it all.

Long question short - how do I install PHPBB so that points directly to the board?

I always create (add) a new subdomain and then install phpBB to the web root directory of that new subdomain.

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Okay, so what do you do for the “create a new hostname” box? Isn’t that the url that will point to the board?

Aha! I was fooled by that at first as well!

You’ll notice that it only presents mysql hostnames in the drop down box for “Use existing hostname”.

At this point, it’s probably obvious to you what is going on, but that section specifies the MySQL hostname that your phpBB installation is going to use. If you search around here on the forums, you’ll find several opinions on whether to create a new MySQL hostname for every one of your sites or to use a single MySQL hostname for each of your sites.

The bottom line is to do what you want. I create a new hostname for each domain, but not for each subdomain. This eliminates any cross-domain dependencies in my setup so I can drop or move a domain to another host (no, no Michael, I’m not actually thinking of doing this, I’m just using this as an illustration for

hang on…

who’s at the door?

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