Phpbb questions

I have gotten so far as the phpMyAdmin page, but I do not know what to do from there. In the database area there are a few fields to fill in, but I am not sure what to fill in to make it work. Anyone have some experience in this matter?

Thanks. )

I’m not sure why you’d be in phpMyAdmin when instaling phpBB, it’ll make the tables for you, you just have to provide it with:

database name
database hostname

you should be able to set those up in your control panel before you try to install the phpBB software, from the Goodies/MySQL page. Create a database, add a hostname, add a user and pass, then you’ll have to wait for a mysterious amount of time for the hostname to kick in. After the dust has settled you should be able to follow the quick install instructions that come with the phpBB.

Now that I think about it, if you’re in phpMyAdmin, that means you’ve already set up the host/db/user/pass so just plug that into the config file, upload, run install


Thanks for your help Jason. I created a user for you to work with.

database name: briaforums
database hostname:
user: ineedhelp

got that info, why don’t you yank it now =o Edit your post and take the info off before someone not-so-nice comes along…

that database is empty, but you’ve got a db, all the info you need to install phpBB. I just read your homepage. I assume the user pass there was for me to install it for you? If so, wrong user and pass.

Um, uh, I dunno man. Mailed you. Depending on when you catch me I can toss it up for you if you like.