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I installed phpBB manually (as in: not using the one-click installer) a couple years ago. Now, I’d like to replace the installation I did with the one-click install version (to bring me to the latest version, and to ease future updating). Is there a way to backup the messages and user accounts from my manual install, and then restore them in the one-click version?

Thanks in advance.

Doug in Philly

In the administrator’s control panel in phpbb there is a backup option which will let you save the database to your computer. I highly recommend that you also access your site via ftp and copy the entire phpbb folder onto your computer. There are a comple of reasons to do this:
1)Should you need to go back to the same version all you need to do is just upload that folder.
2)If you are using the attach mod then attachments can be stored in that folder
3)Your smilies, avatars, etc. are stored in that folder.

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I would recommend that you upgrade your forums yourself; unless you’ve modded your forums, you can upgrade them the easy way: Get a fresh copy of phpBB 2.0.22, decompress it, overwriting your existing files, and then run the update script; you’ll find converting to the one-click installer needless trouble in that case. If you have modded your forums, you should use EasyMOD to apply the version code changes in sequence as MODs.

Finally, as a rule, I would recommend that you make backups of your database through phpMyAdmin (disable extended inserts if you want to be able to use something like BigDump for importing), rather than through the phpBB panel. Of course, DreamHost already offers you plenty of automated file and database backups, but having your own is useful if you need precision.
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Perhaps consider one-click-installing and then pointing the new installation to your existing database?